Hello and welcome to my blog! This is a place where I’ll collect all kinds of tips, tricks, hacks, books, events, ideas, stories, gatherings and experiences that either have helped me in the past, or as I encounter them and find them to be so inspiring, beneficial, uplifting, thought-provoking in some way that it would be a shame not to share. You can expect to see some old and new material on anything including and definitely not limited to mind expansion, psychology, relationships, finances, technology, business, career, travel, experiments, fitness and health, science, concerts and events nearby and so so much more that I can’t even think of now.

One of big reasons for doing this is there are so many great resources out there, of which I have a lot bookmarked, scribbled somewhere in notes, memorized, and some forgotten! So to prevent them from slipping away, I’ll save them for myself and for all of you too!

My whole life I’ve been obsessed with growth, personal development and searching for meaningful connections. I believe that life shouldn’t be about compromises on anything important in our life, or having to choose between our values. I would NEVER want to be in a situation where I have to pick between family, career, friends, health or money! They all are very significant aspects of life, and my life goal has been to look for ways to achieve the best in all areas, and to do that I’m in search for constant improvement. I’m in no way there yet, I’m not an expert by any means and I haven’t made it big; it’s definitely work in progress, it’s not perfect. But I’m hungry, I’m learning, I’m much further along from where I started; and it’s far better than settling for limited beliefs or giving up. No one has achieved anything in their life by themselves; it’s always with the help of others. And so I hope we go on this journey together, and you enjoy this ride with me.

Something to share on a personal note: when I read or watch books, videos, TEDtalks, biographies, interviews and podcasts with high achievers, entrepreneurs or extraordinary talented people of any kind like Richard Branson or Elon Musk, or famous scientists (Steven Hawkin) and athletes (Maria Sharapova), writers (J.K.Rowling), actors (Will Smith), etc, I get really overwhelmed with feelings that they are just way too many steps ahead for me to truly relate to them, and despite the fact that they started out just like you and me – some worse and some better off – and their interviews are designed for them to share their experiences, I still find their success intimidating and far-reaching. And I realized that there are so many ordinary people around me who are truly extraordinary doing amazing things in their lives, and I think their stories, wins and falls must be shared and are absolutely invaluable to learn from and get inspired by.

Stay hungry, stay foolish. ― Steve Jobs