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Sam Hodges, co-founder and chairman of Funding Circle shares his lessons on how to build a successful startup. Sam is absolutely adored by everyone who knows him, and he’s certainly seen as a great leader. Sam recently stepped down as US head of the company while still being an advisor and chairman, he’s already cooking up a new project just like every great mind that can’t stop moving.

I’m so excited about this opportunity to connect with him on a more personal level, learn his view on failures in life, should’s and should-not’s of starting a new business, hear about his journey into the business world and many other things.

What really stood out to me is his advice on working directly with stellar entrepreneurs to experience and learn the world of business. By exposing yourself to other great leaders and seeing a range of startups by working with them, you can start seeing the patterns of what makes a company succeed or fail.

“To me the bar on personal failures is do I live to my own code, do I act the way I would want to think I’d act” – Sam Hodges

Key video and audio timeframes

0:48 – what was it like for Sam to be a teenager
3:50 – when he knew he wanted to build something
6:30 – steps to start his own company
9:05 – learning from others
10:04 – lessons “should do” and “shouldn’t do” in the business
14:15 – how to validate your idea
17:56 – people who made a significant impact
20:46 – advice how to meet and learn from experienced leaders
22:56 – influencing books
26:49 – outlook on failures
31:46 – cooking up a new project


– Funding Circle: https://www.fundingcircle.com/
– Sam’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/HodgesSam