Tech and startups are hot right now, everyone wants in, but not everyone knows how. It can be intimidating and very competitive. I admire people who aren’t afraid to take a leap and make a jump. I also admire people who take initiatives and start building something of their own.

Artur shares how and why he changed his career from finance to tech, how he became a software engineer, how he and his cofounders launched a podcast Breaking Into Startups helping others to do the same and built an audience almost right away. That naturally led to focusing on the right things that people found valuable, even if sometimes it feels counterintuitive to have a narrower focus to deliver the quality for the biggest demand.

They partner up with some of the best bootcamps in San Francisco and Silicon Valley to help his listeners get assistance and right placement. And they got to this level only after a few years of breaking into tech themselves. So impressive!

CareerKarma is the new startup that Artur and his team just closed a pre-seed funding round for (major congratulations!), and this is where techie-wannabes can get help with their career switch. I’m amazed by the quick turnaround and their success, and learned a ton on how to build an audience, how to start a startup and got inspired once again to pursue a big vision and great things in life.

Key video/audio time stamps:

  • 0:36 what’s the podcast?
  • 1:36 how Artur broke into tech
  • 4:17 initial listeners
  • 6:23 how to build audience
  • 11:30 more tips on starting out – having a target niche
  • 16:20 influential guests
  • 21:40 having cofounders/team
  • 24:23 transitioning to money making
  • 26:28 raising money – how and for what?

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